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MEYNIKAR..! A Cultural Experience!


A Cultural Experience

Non-stop solutions’! Even before a pandemic bound environment, virtual solutions have been revolutionizing connectivity and comfort on a worldwide basis. With the world moving so fast for us to catch up, virtual solutions are the only way to keep your businesses secure and productive.

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We, at Meynikar, are determined to make your dreams true. The unique business associate! With our customized services in Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Mixed Reality and Business Development solutions, we will meet your expectations and beyond.

With our effective virtual reality, augmented reality, mixed reality and business solutions, you can develop your services and businesses with an unprecedented exceptionality.

With our services, you can

considerably increase the productivity of your business.
virtually explore a location and its environment without any risks
Effectively implement cost-saving and energy conserving measures
Improve the outcomes and products of your business
Take your business productivity to the peak through reduced development time
Detect the flaws in designs and functioning systems early on

Meynikar Virtual Services

Doorway to the world in your doorstep!


Virtual reality is revolutionizing the world, changing lives and livelihoods in its unique potential.


Build your business with the technology that revolutionizing manufacture and training worldwide!


Combine the best of AR and VR through Mixed Reality!


With our virtual solutions, we aim to fulfill your dreams of exploration or expertise, allowing you to be ahead in your game, whatsoever it is.


Build your business with the technology that revolutionizing manufacture and training worldwide!Manufacturing & Automotive sector, Real Estate, Education, etc..


IThe practical applications of augmented reality and interactive nature of virtual reality are combined to form the most revolutionary mixed reality.


Virtual , Augumented & Mixed Reality Solutions

Let your business thrive with the technological tools of the century! Industry 4.0, which is sometimes referred to as the fourth industrial revolution, is the time for digitalization of production and manufacture in the industry. With our multiple solutions, you can effectively infuse digital efficiency into your business, enhancing its productivity and quality.